Reed Technology
Every wooden duck call comes equipped with our Plug-N-Tune reed system. This revolutionary design simplifies how to tune a duck call.
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Lifetime Tuning Warranty
Cottontop is dedicated to building the best duck call on the market. Every acrylic and wooden duck call comes with a lifetime tuning warranty.
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revolutionary features built to never stop calling

Cottontop duck calls are engineered to withstand the harshest hunting environments, designed for waterfowlers and built to never stop calling. The innovation of Cottontop's duck calls has set the bar for premium duck calls. Here's why.

built for the blind

The market's only duck call that isn't phased by freezing temperatures, excess water, or any outside forces. Tough enough to withstand negative degree temperatures and ice.

The combination of duck call and reed design prevents the risk of the reed sticking to the toneboard. Plus the reed surface is strong enough to handle any outside elements that could potentially make the reed stick to the toneboard.

plug-n-tune reed system

Tuning your duck call just got way better. The COTTONTOP reed is built specifically to allow a duck hunter to personalize their duck call. The strength and durability of the Plug-N-Tune reed is custom designed, machine cut, and engraved with the duck hunter in mind. We went back to the drawing board several times to get this just right. Learn more.

Veteran built in the USA

Our duck calls are proudly designed, manufactured, tuned, and assembled in by Veterans in the United States of America.