Duck Call FAQ

Cottontop’s acrylic and wooden duck calls are engineered to withstand any condition you will face while duck hunting. These calls will still work after being dunked in water, stuck in the mud, with rocks or food inside the call, and even with ice frozen to the tone board.

All of our acrylic and wooden duck calls are single reed calls. Our woodie call, Southern Gentleman, is built with a specialized toneboard.

We use 5 different types of wood for our duck calls:

1. African Blackwood

2. Cocobolo

3. Bocote

4. Hedge


For more information please view our Shipping policy.

Any where in the US. For more information please see our Shipping Policy.

2-6 business days depending on supplies and materials on hand.


For more information please view our Warranty Policy.

Cottontop warrants all of their duck calls for 30 days. Additionally, each acrylic and wooden duck call comes with a lifetime tuning warranty.

Basically, once you purchase a Cottontop duck call you can have your call repaired or retuned at any time. Learn more.

Retune Request

For more information please visit our Retune Request page.

Fill out and submit a Retune Request form and we will contact you with more information.

Returns and exchanges

For more information see our Return Policy.

Fill out and submit a contact form with a brief description. You will be contacted by the Cottontop Support Staff regarding your inquery.

We do not accepts changes for any of our duck calls. If your duck call has a manufacturer defect, please contact us.